I've always been the one on the go, with the theory of make the most of your time, not waste it. Relaxing for me is an afternoon or a morning, by end of it, I am ready to do something. Boredom quickly sets in and I become a grumpy person. Nothing gets done when you are relaxing. Time is a wastin'.

 Apparently, I needed to learn the lesson of slow down. And it sucks.

Its been one week since I injured my knee and things are getting better, slowly. Very slowly. Many of you have asked how I am doing, what you can do to help, etc. Its all so much appreiciated.

I still can not walk without a noticeable limp, and am using my crutches in hopes of not doing any further damage. I don't even know what's wrong with it still, but I don't want to take chances. I can't drive my mountain man, which is sad, since its a manual. No clutch for me just yet. I can bend it far enough to enter the shower somewhat like a normal person. I can do steps like a normal person, isntead of using both legs to go up one step. Its the little things people. But I still have to take it easy, slow down, and ask for help.

Pain and swelling are going down, but are still there. Today, its a little more painful and stiff than yesterday. Why I am not sure. It's still stiff and not very useable, but I am making it work.

Speaking of work, yes I am at work. Better to be at work doing something, sitting in chair with it elevated than at home doing nothing with it elevated. They have been great here, helping me out, running my errands, and generally taking great care of me.

Things at home are a little tense, as its a major change for everyone to get use to. K has learned to be more independent, and I have learned I have to sit back and let others take the reins. It's a hard lesson for me, but when I do, the knee thanks me for it.

Today is ultrasound day. Yes, this is the soonest the great free health care system could me in. Knees are not emergencies remember. The results will be ready in 2-3 days, so I have a follow up appointment with my dr on Monday. From there, we will know the plan of action and what damage has been done.

I'm not scared, well a little since I did hear about 4 pops when I went down. Frankly, I just want to get the show on the road. Let's move this shitty injury train a little faster so we all can start to get our normal routine back. I'm tired of being no help, I'm tired of getting shitty sleep due to the pain, I'm just flat out tired of it all. Fix it already and let's move forward, slowly of course.

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