Our conversation from last night.

**Danger and I were at home taking care of our evening chores. She was on the table doing her homework, I was running around feeding dogs, feeding humans, etc. J was driving home from work late.*

My phone rings. She answers it.

Danger: Hello.

J: Hi K, what are you doing?

Danger: Mom and I are having a PAR TAY. Yeah, thats right we are partying while you are gone.

J: Oh really.

Danger: Yes, now who dis? Jason? Beatrice?

J: Jason.

Danger: Ok, good, you are on the PAR TAY list. You can join us. (then she starts rapping/singing/making it sound like a party is in the background.

J: Wow, sounds fun.

Danger: Oh it is. Just wait till you get home. Gotta go dance and party now. Bye.

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  1. Love it!! Our kids bring so much joys into our lives!!


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