A letter from my Danger girl.

(she wrote all this herself and on a note book piece of paper, I am typing it as she wrote it)


Dear Mom,

I hope you like what we got you this year. You’re the best mom ever that I ever now (I think she meant know). Your hair looked prettee today. Your makeup looked even pretteer. You better get some rest for Christmas Mom. I don’t want you to be tired. I think we should get dad some socks and a hat. He always wears a hat when its cold out. I think we need to get Sarah (our elf on the shelf) a bracelet and a necklace. She will love them. She loves those things like her owner K. Love you Mom. Can you please not work on Christmas. Hurry up and get home from work.

Love you Mom

(signed her name with a  heart)


  1. The most precious gift a Mom can receive! Looks like her parents are doing an awesome job raising her!

  2. And, K's mom melted into a puddle of love and tears- The End :)

    Danger and her mom are awesome.


Even the frozen tundra-ians need LUV!!