How’s it going??

People keep asking me how its going, how’s work, how’s the new house etc.





Things are good, exhausting to say the least but good. My week is often a blur and I cherish my weekends even more now. A typical day consists of this:

430am- get up

430-500am- get ready

500-530am- take care of the dogs

530-545am- make lunches for K and myself

545- J gets up, he gets ready

555-620am- get K up, get her ready for school

625am- leave the house for the day

arrive at work at 8am

work until 5pm

get home from work at 630pm

630-700pm- take care of dogs, have K do her homework

700-750pm- sit down and relax with K before bed

750pm-800pm- K’s bedtime routine

800pm-830pm- get clothes ready for the next day

830- shower

900pm- bedtime



Its beyond exhausting, its beyond crazy, and most days I really think I need medicine to cope. But its life, and we have our dream house, and things are going… Until I can score a vacation, things are going……


Single parents should get an award everyday.



  1. The life of a creative genius, mother and wife is never done. Love seeing the family. You all are so gorgeous (and handsome).

  2. Keep it going sister!!! Stay warm.

  3. Are you still designing blogs? I need the pictures in my header updated, wondering if you are interested since you designed it for me:)

    I sent you an email a week or so ago.


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