Weekend recap.

Whew. What a weekend. We have been busy busy little bees around here.


Thursday- I got everything ready for K’s Easter basket. Nothing like waiting until the last minute of the night before. Mom, see the playdoh?? I bought playdoh. I HATE PLAYDOH!!


Good Friday- We had a Trinidad Easter meal at J’s moms. Rotti, curry chicken, and potatoes. It had been awhile since we all had this so it was a great treat.





Auntie gave K some Easter gifts (a egg dye kit, thanks girl I totally forgot about this and totally forgot we were out of eggs). We got home late but dyed eggs as soon as we got home. I mean we dyed the egg, the only egg in the house and of course everything was closed. Mother fail #1 of Easter Weekend. I suck.



Saturday- We did our little Easter celebration here at the house with K. A small egg hunt and playing with the things the bunny left for her in the basket. Mid day, J decided he needed a car part in the States, so we hightailed it up there and ended up staying at the Casino for the night. K got to swim, J got his car part and got to gamble. All were happy.



Easter Sunday- We came home and I rested. Headache had gotten me down. I caught up on laundry and rested my head while J and K enjoyed the Easter Dinner at his sister’s house. K played with the neighborhood kids and was one tired girl when she got home. She loved her dress, but apparently the shoes she said fit did not. Oops. Mother fail #2 of Easter Weekend. Shoes that don’t fit result in sore toes.

easter dress

Monday- K is off from school today. We are tackling WalMart with a small list and hope to find some dress shoes that actually fit.

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