Picnic anyone?


Life has been a picnic lately. Some great days where things go well and dreams feel like they are so close. Then some days where you just want to stay in bed forever.


We’ve been sick with a cold flu type bug that has set J and I back a few days. Finally I think we are over it. K never got it thank goodness, it certainly was a bad one. When my cold left, some old issues came back. Gotta love being a female sometimes. The dr thinks its okay and quite normal; however, the pain I am feeling sometimes makes me drop to my knees and takes my breath away. This is normal?? Ugh. I just want my body to feel like it was, before the cold, before the female stuff came back. I’m ready to start enjoying picnics again.


Luckily, I have been diving into design projects, which has kept my mind busy and my wallet fuller than normal. K and I are getting pampered next week with haircuts. It’s a girl day, and yes Dad K wants her hair cut. Did you get that message?  lol..


We have errands to run today, hopefully I feel up to it. The house is clean and ready for the weekend. Bring on the picnics!

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