Life lesson #666: Just because it feels right doesn’t mean it is.

I learned that today, in a very raw sucky way. The job yeah I didn’t get it. I got passed over due to an internal candidate, at the last minute. The agency who I went through was led to believe that the job was mine and that things were looking great for me and this position.


I was in high hopes, until this morning, when I learned no decision had been made because they had done an internal interview. Internal interviews only mean one thing. The external candidate is SOL.  So despite their love for me and telling me I was exactly what they were looking for, I am back to looking for a job.


Devastated. Crushed. Failure. Great negative heavy emotion words are swirling in my mind right now. This roller coaster ride of finding a job is a ride I am ready to get off of at anytime.  I feel like I let everyone down, mainly my family (J, K, myself). We had high hopes and dreams and those were stomped on. So excuse me if I am quiet and not ready to talk about this tragedy, because right now it hurts too much.




Thank you for all your prayers, well wishes etc. I truly appreciate it.  Excuse me while I go blow my diet and drink some Black Jack.


  1. I am sorry you didn't get the job you wanted so bad!!!! There is better things waiting for you I know it!

  2. Have been enjoying your blog for a long time.
    Please dont feel like you are a failure, a failure is someone who doesnt try, while this may have been the "dream" job, I am sure that there is a much better one out there..just hang in there..Jack Daniels is comforting also;)


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